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iPhone Picture Catch up


This weekend was a little boring, well at least I'm sure for you guys.  We spent the weekend prepping the nursery, running errands, and cheering on the Hokies.  Since I made the switch from my old iPhone to new iPhone 4, I thought I'd share some pictures that I had completely forgotten about.  What I have also learned is that my photos on my phone can be broken into only a few different themes (Pregnancy, Seasonal, and Coco).

Pregnancy shots: Complete with my view these days.  Dressing is becoming more and more of a challenge as I'm starting to transition out of my own clothes (I don't think anyone, including myself, wants to see a preggo in a belly shirt-which is what many of my shirts are quickly becoming-Eek!)  It's a challenge I am embracing, but seriously can SOMEONE make a cute maternity line?! I find most of it completely uninspired.  I'm also in hot pursuit of a holiday dress for the party season.  I'm thinking fully sequined; go big or go home, right?!
[I think the UPS guy is trying to tell us something]                                            [23(ish) weeks]

                                                [The view these days- at least I can still see my feet]

Fall shots: I adore adore adore Fall.  It's such a great season in the Carolinas and I love all of the activities that go along with it.  Football, pumpkins, apple picking, Halloween, leave changing, tailgating, the NC State Fair...the list goes on and on.
[Flowers on our dining room table]

[Fall-Inspired Mani complete with Sparkle]

Coco: We are totally and completely obsessed with our dog.  It's sad really and I'm slightly concerned how obsessed we will be about our son if we are this obsessed with our dog.  But what can I say, I sweat  her.
                                               [Love this face]                                                    [And these feet]

[How she sat for an entire day when I worked from home]

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  1. love the phone shots...and that mani! you look adorbs preggo

  2. Don't you love when the UPS guy piles everything in front of your door? LOL. Love the nails!

  3. re: cute pregnancy clothes... I know! It's horrible! I found Maternal America and Pea in a Pod to be the best. Even then, the styles are kind of boring so you have to dress them up with accessories. Good luck! :)


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