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week 34


It's really hard to believe that these little ladies will be gracing us with their presence in a mere 2 weeks (and some change).  Part of me certainly wasn't sure if we'd be making it to this point; as my doctors like to remind me, I'm a small person and only have a certain physical capacity to hold but so much.  (Thanks guys.) In any event, as we are rocking towards week 36 (as I am bound and determined to make it that far), I wanted to share a little bit of an update and this dress because, really, comeon now.

How are you feeling?
Huge.  But really again I say, this pregnancy has been very kind to me.  It's been very difficult to find anything to complain about.  Things are generally starting to hurt a little more or a little more frequently, which I'm combating with epsom salt baths and thermacare heat packs.  I also may or may not require help getting up out of bed (thanks babe). 

How are the ladies?
They are great! I'm being monitored twice a week to keep an eye on the one who has an inflammed bowel.  It's likely that she'll need a very common procedure right after she is born, but (currently and I'm knocking on all pieces of wood around me) it is not impactful to her.  They are both rocking and rolling, getting the highest marks on their biometrics at each visit, and generally hanging out in my ribs.  They are both almost 5 lbs each (so exciting).

Progress on life readiness?
The nursery is done (which is ironic given they won't use it for several months), but otherwise, we are as ready as we will ever be.  We've got diapers, clothes, wipes, strollers, car seats (which we didn't have at week 30 when they were discussing delivering them).  And as I always like to say, you are never 100% prepared for babies.  We also had an opportunity to meet with the NICU & neonatologist to understand what to expect as it's likely that both of them will spend some time.

What are some of your favorite products which have gotten your through?
I'm actually working on a post to share the majority of these items, but truthfully, it's been relatively simple: a good sleep pillow, epsom salts, & heat packs. 

Needless to say that there will be a lot of changes headed our way.  I'm not bidding you ado just yet, but I'm not quite sure when I'll return after these girls arrive and what that will look like, but if you want to continue to follow along in our journey, I've left some links below.  I'm sure it will be comical, there might be some tears & crying (from me & the girls), but also, a lot of fun.  We cannot begin to thank you all so much for all of your love, support, kind words, and guidance over this pregnancy.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys are simply the best.

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