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[troopers FTW]

I'd be lying if I told you that finding extra time these days is hard. REALLY hard.  I honestly don't think it is even the twin thing, though it does add a few more minutes onto everything, but more because I went back to work last week and between juggling the girls and Liam - I've had difficulty carving out time for anything besides tidying up the house, changing diapers, feeding humans, and working.  In spite of that whole no-me-time thing, it has been a nice busy.  And as much as I loathe the word busy, that's probably the only word I can use to describe it.  So no outfit post today, but a little peek into what's going on in these parts.

[if you are local and you are NOT a member of Discovery Place, I recommend you become one]

[twin life + smiles]

[a day at the PGA]

[Coco the cheerleader]

[twin mermaids]

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