Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rouge Louboutin

rouge louboutin, nail polish, beauty, Saks, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

It was only a matter of time before Louboutin took that signature red that graces the soles of his to-die-for kicks and turned it into a nail polish color.  On 06 August, the first nail polish, Rouge Louboutin, hits shelves in several retailers at $50 a bottle.  By the end of the month up to 30 colors will follow.  Everything about this venture is so beautiful - from the shades to the design of the bottles to the anticipated merchandising within the stores that will carry this high end polish.  

Now the question, will I try it out? I'm trying to decide: the price point is a little steep for nail polish.  I currently have several bottles of Chanel polish which ring in at nearly half of the price tag of Louboutin's line.  Chanel's quality in their nail polish is fantastic - the pigment is beautiful and it stays chip-proof on me for much longer than the average Essie or OPI.  I'd be interested to see how Louboutin stacks up.  

rouge louboutin, nail polish, beauty, Saks, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nettiquette 2.0

In the ever-changing landscape of technology and it's applications to everyday life, it stands to reason that we'd all need a bit of a road map in the how-tos, what-to-dos, and what-not-to-dos.  Randi Zuckerberg just recently launched an online community, Dot Complicated, to assist in navigating these questions.  Randi certainly has the technology chops; despite the connection which her namesake implies, she's carved out her own place at the table.  I've heard her speak several times in a variety of different venues and interviews and I think that she brings a unique perspective on it all.  I loved her most recent tidbit from InStyle.

Being one who likes to think that my generations spans both sides of the technology gap in that we didn't all grown up with computers in our homes from birth, but we tend to be a bit more technology savvy than the average person, I've seen first hand how technology has enhanced and provided its own set of challenges in my industry, as well as personal life.  I've seen how the professional and personal lines become grey and blurred; it's something that surprisingly comes up more often than you'd think in discussions about how to work with clients, train staff, and personally, how to interact with those around you.

Whether your are in the old-school or new-school camp, what are your thoughts on the evolving landscape of how we interact with each other on both a professional and personal level? Do you have a sharp separation or do you think there needs to be?  Will you be following along on Dot Complicated with me?

image via Cyn Kain Photography for The Everygirl

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

73 Questions with Blake Lively

If you don't know already, Blake Lively's lifestyle website, Preserve, launched this week.  It shows promise of tidbits of goodness from her first post to the beautiful goods in the shop section.  As if I didn't love Blake anymore, these 73 questions certainly solidify it.  My personal favorite point, the comparison of her Louboutin's to gobstoppers - oh and the nod to her fave superhero. 

Are you a Blake fan? What were some of your favorite responses?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tory Burch

[dress: jcrew // kicks: loeffler randall // baubles: kendra scott c/o, michael kors, jcrew, david yurman // purse: tory burch (similar) // sunnies: prada]

This week has been a bit of a hectic week, from getting back into the swing of things from SBS Con to contending with sickness in our household, I was stoked to head out to meet Tory Burch at a meet & greet at the Tory Burch store at SouthPark.  During these warm months of summer, I gravitate towards easy pieces that are light with fun patterns.  This dress certainly fits the bill.

Another love of mine recently are these Kendra Scott earrings that I snagged at the SBSCon.  They are such a fun upgrade from normal studs and I adore the mint color.  After seeing Kendra Scott's Fall collection at SBSCon, I can say that you are going to LOVE what they have in store (think lots of tassels, beautiful colors, and fun!).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Southern Blog Society Conference Recap

Over the past weekend, Becky & I took a little road trip down to Atlanta to attend the Southern Blog Society's Annual Conference.  The weekend was such a blast; from the events, to the company, to the food.  This is the second SBS Conference that our lovely hostesses, Cathy & Jessica, have put together and these ladies really knocked the event out of the park.  The programming was really great, the events were so well designed, and the swag bags...let's just say we got spoiled!

[kicking off the weekend with Becky]

[coffee talk set up]

[custom notebooks c/o Tiny Prints]


The coffee talk was a really great part of the weekend which highlighted great brands like ASOS, Kendra Scott & (PLA), as well as awesome speakers.  Amy Flurry was an amazing speaker who wrote Recipe for Press; she totally is such a knowledgable, no nonsense resource with a breadth of experience and a really great perspective on the industry.  It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with other bloggers-truly a highlight of the weekend.

[the most stylish trolley you've ever seen]

[lunch hosted by ASOS at South City Kitchen]

ASOS hosted a scrumptious lunch at South City Kitchen, not to mention the company was delightful!  If you are in the area, you should definitely check it out - the fried chicken is to die for.

[wrap party fizz]

[droppin' beats]

[Mae & Katie]

Thanks to Cathy & Jess for a really fantastic weekend!  It was so lovely meeting all of these bloggers who really are not only so much fun, but incredibly welcoming.  Can't wait until next year!

bottom: Katie, Shelby, Cathy, me, Lauren, Bekka]

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