i met a girl who kept tattoos for homes she had loved


A few weeks ago, I did a thing.  It was not an impulsive thing, but something that I have been thinking about for years.  Another tattoo.  Yes, another.  I have several that I've acquired over the years.  Interestingly enough, none that I regret or wish that I had made a different choice.  Mostly because I appreciate that they are memories from time points in my life.  One from the first week of college that I got with my best friend, another one that I got with my sister, one that I got with Scott around the first anniversary of our marriage - to name a few. 

This one I toiled over for the better part of a year - trying to find the right artist because I wanted a very specific style (I ended up at Tattoo Me and Violet was my artist), getting put on her wait list, and then designing it.  It's something to represent our family (5 stars, all variations of the two that represent Scott & I) within my own astrological sign (Aries) and the connectors spell out love in morse code.  

Deciding to get a tattoo and it's subsequent design in a deeply personal decision.  It's not something I'd ever recommend anyone rush into.  Do you research, look at artist's work online, ask people who you see out (if you like their pieces) where they had their work done. Once you've picked your artist, work with them to get your design right; don't worry if you don't agree with what they are designing, be collaborative, speak up about what you want and where you want it (we adjusted the placement of mine several times before we got it right).   As for me, I love the final product and am very happy to wear my heart(s) on my sleeve (or arm, as it were). 

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