easter crepes


Last Easter Peanut was, well, really a peanut. And we were working on absolutely little to no sleep, and actually getting ready to go anywhere seemed like an insurmountable task.  This year, we were working on little to no sleep again thanks to a virus that our not-so-peanut-sized peanut picked up that plagued us at the beginning of the weekend.  But none-the-less, feeling a bit adventurous and much better, we had brunch at Simply Crepes.  (Crepes, as a side bar, are hands down have been and always will be a favorite meal of mine).  Peanut spent the entire breakfast making eyes and flat out flirting with two lady friends behind us, Hubs and I got to partake in a relaxing cup of coffee, and we simply enjoyed each other's company.  It was truly one of those serendipitous outings with a toddler when all of the stars align and there is enough tolerance (read: entertainment) on the part of the toddler to stick out an entire meal.  It was the perfect Easter.

Hope you and yours had a lovely weekend!

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