2 years + some change


Dear Peanut,

The one thing that you will never be accused of is not knowing what you want.  Some would call it stubborn or unyielding, but it is that tenacity that I hope that you hold onto in life.  The fortitude to continue on a path that you know you want despite what the world is telling you is an undervalued quality.  But in the meantime, it's a bit of a double-edged sword for your father and I - rationalizing with you as a two plus year old tends to be a crash course in mind twister.  This is best exemplified by our mandated playlist in the car.  It can only be one of three songs: Happy (Pharrell), Yellow Submarine (Beatles) or Rockstar (A Great Big World).  This is a microcosm of your parents' taste in music, a wonderful blend of your father's classic taste & penchant for hip hop & your mother's love of pop.  Your little voice singing along in the back and asking demanding 'again' is music to my ears.  And it must be one of those three songs, MUST. 

You are also incredibly puckish knowing just where to drawn the line and when you do choose to cross it smiling up at us with that irresistibly cute smile.  Man, are we in for a world of hurt (and fun) with you.  Your memory is also that of an elephant (I'd like to think you got that from me), but it continues to astound me what and who you remember and when you call upon it at times that are relevant to those memories - it take a minute for me to catch up with how you got there and I'm utterly amazed when I realize the connection you've made.  You are such a smarty pants - I can't wait to see what you do with that brilliant mind of yours.

In the meantime, continue to call me a ballerina every time I'm wearing a skirt or a dress (Mommy's a ballerina!), continue to play baseball every night after work with your father in our yard (Baseball Daddy!) - we love that.  Also, thanks for all of the joy & love you bring into our lives - we are lucky to call you ours.

lots of love,
your mommy

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