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florals in springtime


Look, I said I was trying to make blogging more of a habit again.  I didn't say that I'd be tremendously good at it at first.  So I'm back, after dipping my toe back in and then the holidays hit.  Maybe it wasn't the best plan.  And now things are really heavy.  Schools are cancelling classes, people are preparing for hurricanes (or really a pandemic, but to be clear, stock piling bottled water is more hurricane prep), (more importantly) people are getting really sick, and everyone is looking around a little flabbergasted about it all.  Or maybe the latter part is just me.  

Regardless, my perspective in times like these is control what you can and find happiness in the little things.  For me, it's fun, colorful clothing.  Also, getting my hair done - which I did and felt like perhaps I should document because I'm looking at the beginning of being housebound with my husband and our three kids for the foreseeable future and I'm not quite sure if my hair will look this good for awhile. Stay safe & healthy out there folks. 

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