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How-to: DIY Floral Crown Bar


The one thing that I knew that I did want for my baby shower was that I did not want the typical baby shower games.  I wanted it to be fresh and casual, a space for people to mingle and relax on a Saturday afternoon.  But I was still plagued with this but what do you have people do for two hours question.  Don't get me wrong, my people - well they can talk, but I did want an option for an activity that I thought would be fun and a little different than your run-of-the-mill baby shower activities.  Given that I wanted to integrate florals into the theme of the shower, a floral crown bar seemed like the obvious choice.  After expansive searching on the internet, I realized that there wasn't much by way of tutorials that allowed me to find a balance for making it as easy as possible for my guests, while also taking some of the pressure off of me.  So with a little hodge-podge, I put one together myself.  It was really a huge hit; so much so that I thought it would be worthwhile to share.

the supplies:

for the bases:

+ italian ruscus (for the base) 
+ billy ball flowers
+ baby's breath
+ red (or green) hypericum berry flowers
+ larger blooms (ie., carnations, roses, ranunculus, peonies)

The idea is to build a neutral base so that they are pre-made for your guests and then make it easy as possible for your guests to add on to make their own. To help them, I clipped the billy ball flowers, a sprig of the berries, and a colorful bloom to make mini arrangements of two of three by connecting them together with florist tape.  This allowed people to easily add a pop without having to do a lot of the work themselves.

the how:

for the bases (prepped before the event):
+ Use a piece of twine or ribbon to measure the circumference of your head where you'd like the crown to sit leaving enough to connect the two ends. Cut to use as a guide to measure the wire.

+ Cut the wire to the desired length and connect the two ends by twisting one under the other.

+ Take the italian ruscus and wrap around the wire base; you might need to afix it with floral tape or wire (in my experience, depending upon the length, some of it required additional hold)

It's really that easy.  For the event itself, the pre-done bases and arrangements, which looked like mini boutonnieres (see below), were available to add on top of the bases, along with larger blooms to add a bit of a boost, which were put in vases.  I had completed one as an example and inspiration and let people go at it from there.

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