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Valentine's Day is where I live - it's my holiday.  Go ahead get the sighs and eye rolls out of the way.  It's always been one that I love.  I mean, how could you hate a holiday that encourages people to spread love? Amiright?! Which is why I adore the shirts that JCrew released for the season.  And though they are Valentine's Day appropriate, they certainly are a year-round message I can get behind.

What we might do for Valentine's Day might surprise you - we don't actually go out.  I loathe messing with the crowds on Valentine's Day.  We also, generally, don't cook.  We fix Liam dinner, get the kids to bed, and then Scott & I will have a dinner on our own.  I also like to make the day special for our littlest valentines.  We deck the house out, give small gifts, and shower them with extra love.  It's a fun little way to celebrate the day as a family.  I also made an (adult) Valentine's Day playlist. There are sure to be some fun ones that you'll enjoy on there.

I had high hopes for Valentine's Day pictures this year.  Turns out coordinating with three kids, a husband, and less-than-ideal winter weather is harder than I thought it would be.  However, I do love these impromtu pics.  We even tried to get me and the kids all together- another task which proved to me more difficult than anticipated.  Particularly since the girls are especially squirmy when their brother is around, because, well, they love him.  And their father - this last picture might be my favorite. 

on the girls:  [tulle overalls // freshly picked mocs // tights // hat]

on liam: [shirt // jeans // kicks]

on me: [pants (old, similar here) // shirt // kicks (old, similar here & here) // 

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