if you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot


There is one universal truth that I have found 99.9% of people agree on and that is no one likes hot coffee that has cooled down since you've poured it.  It's also the one unifying part of parenting - every parent has this compliant.  In the midst of your morning routine, you've put down your coffee cup and when it's finally retrieved, it's cold.  Which is, granted, a first world problem, but an annoying one none-the-less.  I came across Ember last year and sent it to Scott because, seriously, what a genius idea. And low and behold, the man who generally dislikes shopping from a list for me (in his defense, he usually does much better/thoughtful than the list provided to him) got me one for Valentine's Day.

And guys, I'm hooked.  As in, if you at all find this cold coffee thing as utterly annoying as I do - go out and get yourself one.  They even have a travel tumbler.  The coffee mug is controlled via an app on your phone that you can preset to your desire temperature for several types of beverages and the tumbler, though can use the app, you can manually adjust the temp yourself on the container.  And I get it, they are both pretty pricey.  However, consider what you may be spending on your daily coffee fix to get a cup of hot coffee at work or on your way in.  I'd wager that you'd cover the cost of either one of these in less than a month.

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