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it feels like the perfect night to dress up like hipsters


[shirt: jcrew (25% off right now with SHIRTS25) // skirt: madewell (on sale) // kicks: rachel roy // baubles: jcrew, michael kors, max & chloe, stella & dot // glasses: warby parker]

A few things about me: 

I rarely wear bright lipstick.  
I love it, but Scott is not so much a fan (not that that necessarily stops me) and honestly the upkeep of wearing it all day long tends to bother me.  Apparently this shade confused Peanut as he kept pointing to his lips with a very concernicus face on.

When I love a piece in my closet, I wear it like it is going out of style.  
This Madewell skirt is one of those for me.  (It's on-sale now... seriously go snag yourself one).

This top from JCrew is starting to win the 'most versatile' superlative in my closet at the moment.  
And who would have thought that a jeweled chambray top would have been the leader in that one?! (Psst...it's on-sale now too)

I'm a sucker for Chanel nail polish.  
Sure, it's expensive, but I feel like the quality is just through the roof.  Peridot is a color that I snagged a few seasons ago and I've been itching to wear it again. It might be more of a Fall shade, but August won't blame me for breaking it out early I'm sure.

And lastly, I give hipsters a hard time.  
I'm not quite sure why - maybe because they are an easy mark or maybe I am secretly envious of their ironic lifestyle.  But I put this outfit together and after wearing it for a good portion of the day the other day, I realized that I myself looked very hipster.  And if that's a badge that this outfit inherits, then I'm OK with that.

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