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As many of you may know, I travel a lot for work.  I'm on the road at least once a month (sometimes more) and I am uber picky when it comes to luggage.  I'm also very anti-checking baggage.  Which may or may not have lead me to the predicament I found myself in two hours before my last flight a few weeks ago.  In an attempt to zip up my tried and true luggage, the zipper broke. Thankfully I was able to get it back on track and on a wing and a prayer, the luggage survived this last trip.  I was prepared to have to duct tape that sucker together (a strategy I was prepared for and was willing to do - always be prepared, amiright?!), but thankfully, it worked out fine.  Mid-flight, I found myself searching for replacement options.  Enter CALPAK x Oh Joy.

Needless to say, it hits all of the check marks for me: multi-directional wheels, plenty of interior storage space (there's more space under the side with the shoes on it!), separate pockets to hold smaller items.  Then you add in the colors and I'm all in.  I was so all-in that I opted for the larger option as well (in the event that I have to <gasp> check a bag).  Truly, I am so pleased with this luggage, and what a great price point for sure.  If Coco weren't such an anxious dog about travel, she would have been on board too.  Does anyone else's dog stand guard by the luggage the second it comes out?

shop calpak x oh joy

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