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Bar Cart Essentials



Pinterest is a dangerous place, my friends.  It keeps tempting me with spaces that, honestly, I don't have room for in my home at the moment.  Good news for me is that we're planning on putting our house on the market this Spring, which means that I can lust after things like bar carts and room for said bar carts with a light at the end of the not-so-long tunnel.  And to that end, I've put together some items that I must include when I undertake this bar cart endeavor in reality and not just my boards on Pinterest.

Bar Cart / This one is on the pricey side, but it is oh-so-perfect

The Rabbit / The only way I can open a wine bottle.  These also make great hostess gifts.

Bottle Opener / For those who partake in beverages of the hops variety

Shaker / A bar cart essential, but Mark & Graham take it up a notch with the ability to add a monogram

Coasters / A little pretty to protect your surfaces from water marks

Napkins / There are tons of paper options out there, but, to me, nothing says fancy like cloth napkins.

Paper Straws / I always keep a stash of paper straws on hand.  I usually drink out of straws, but these give just the right detail that I adore.

Cocktail Glasses / We have these in our home and they are so cheeky and simply perfect for a touch of flair

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  1. I prefer the glass shakers so that you can see your concoction. Make sure it has the right consistancy.

  2. i love those glasses! i bought them for my friend for her bridal shower. i have more of a bar/wine rack rather than a cart but it works for now!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. This is so great. My hubs "mimi" passed away and had a cart very similar to this. I'm so needing to freshen up our house - maybe a bar cart should be added to the list! :)

    xo Lulu

  4. Oh goodness I NEED those cocktail glasses!! Such cute picks my dear :)



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