Today marks the beginning of a sort of countdown in our little family; the countdown to when our little peanut was born.  You see, a year ago today was my due date.  The date, might I add, that was spent walking around a food truck rodeo that evening and trying with all of my might to serve my precious little son an eviction notice.  Said eviction didn't actually occur until a little over a week later.

It's crazy how quickly this year has flown and yet it seems like the longest year of our lives (in the best ways, of course).  And since this ridiculous sickness has befallen on my little family and I haven't had an opportunity to get myself out to take any outfit photos (trust me, things aren't pretty in my world), I thought that it would be particularly fitting to do a little update o' peanut in pictures.

 [anything that doubles as a fort is aces in our book]

 [doing grown man things]

[sick days are best spent reading in our pjs]

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  1. those are super cute pjs!

  2. God bless him Beautiful baby.

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  3. Happy almost birthday! Love your eviction notice comment! hahah OK, so I am in love with his onesie in the last photo. Do they make one in my size!? I want it!

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  4. Awwwww how adorable......more power & cant wait to see pics from his 1st bday!!!!


  5. He is so precious! Those little pirate pj's are too cute.

  6. sooo cute, Chels! I can't believe it's been a year. Congrats, congrats, congrats all over again! x


  7. well he obviously didn't want to be born in January when February is such a far better.. :) Sounds like he was born around the same time my husband and I celebrate ours.

    Happy Birthday to your little man in advance.. he is adorable.

  8. omg he is soooo cute. Congrats on surviving your first of year parenthood. I heard it is really hard work.

  9. Sweet!

    Nice photos and blog!

    Have a nice week!

    I follow you, follow me back?




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