I am frequently asked by friends & colleagues how I do it all.  Between a full time job, several organizations, and this blog, spare time is a precious commodity in my world. My answer to the aforementioned question is simply any given day at any given moment I am one-tenth of an inch from a full on Chernobyl style incident. Seriously. I like to think that I have it all together and I won't deny that our lives take a good deal of planning, a Google calendar, and nightly run-through of the following day, but even with all of that I truthfully don't think I have it down just yet.

Back in 2010, I was a quasi-newlywed and read the article in Vogue about Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-A-Porter who had then sold her shares of her empire for $76 million dollars.  When asked about her secrets to being a successful female entrepreneur she simply said,  "Choose the right husband and nanny, and then don't worry about a social life.  Everything but family and work has to go." The quote so impacted me that I tore it out and it still sits on the valet on our dresser over 2 years later. And I think a lot of it rings true.

A lot of the credit to my success in being able to juggle life should go to my support network. I am very fortunate to have an incredibly involved husband, as well as parents who help considerably. I am by no means different than many working mothers and in many instances have more support and opportunities. (Which I am truly, deeply thankful for). You do what you have to do to press on & occasionally cut yourself some slack and pour a nice big glass of wine.

My tenth of an inch moment last week was the day in which I lost my car keys somewhere between my car in my office's parking lot and my desk, a mere 5 minute time span and less than 100 steps. And, for the record, they are still no where to be found. This fiasco occurred on a day when Hubs was traveling and I had to call a cab to take me home to get my spare key and then back to my office. That was more than one-tenth of an inch, it was a full one inch beyond the brink. You see, I'm no where close to superhuman; just your average person trying to find her car keys who can occasionally put an outfit together.

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