Femme Fatale


They say she's crazy, but I don't care.  Confession time: I may or may not own the entire Britney Spears library. Sure she's not super duper talented. Yes, she's a few fries short of a happy meal. And perhaps she only futhers the southern stereotype that I try to rebuke at every turn.  BUT you can't deny that the girl makes a good, poppy, frivolous album.  It's great music to bop around to!  I apparently did not plan my trip overseas well because I am missing the release of Femme Fatale.  Mock all you want, but I will be purchasing it on iTunes when I return to the States on Thursday.  Have any of you listened to it yet? How is it?

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  1. omg i am SOOO WITH YOU!! i heart britney.. everything she turns out makes me want to jump up and dance haha.. i don't care what people say about her.. she makes good poppy music and she looks pretty damn good for popping out 2 kids!


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