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I've been campaigning to make a move to Europe for the better part of a year. My company is headquartered across the pond and the opportunities to live abroad for a few years is quite enticing.  As my 10-day German adventure comes to close, I'm a bit bitter sweet.  There are many things to love about Europe, but I am ready to be home, in my bed, with a hair straightener that can handle the electrical current.

Coffee: The coffee in Europe is 100% better than the coffee in the US.  Unfortunately, the withdrawal from the insane amount of caffeine I have been consuming on a daily basis may be painful (but well worth it).
Language: I am so jealous of the mult-lingual lifestyle over here.  I wish that I could speak more than English and the slight bit of French that I have maintained since high school.  I am also of the belief that everything sounds better in a foreign language. 

Public Transit: And not just throughout the cities, but the ability that you have to get from country to country via plane, train, or automobile is wonderful.  While we have the plane and automobile option in the US, the train system leaves much to be desired.  If only I could hope on a train and end of up in Paris for a weekend from NC.

Shopping: While we have H&M and Zara in the US, their EU counterparts are worlds better than anything we have in the US.  Sigh.

Wandering: I love the ability to wander around European cities and run into all sorts of history and beautiful buildings.  We just don't have that in the US. 

With all of that said, I am definitely looking forward to heading home.  One thing that Europe doesn't have is Hubs, Coco, all of my fabulous friends, and family-and those are priceless!

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