Hermes Togo Leather Dogon Wallet


A dear friend of mine is losing her mind-she is getting rid of a BRAND NEW Hermes wallet.  (She's pretty fabulous, so I'll forgive her for it) I've tried to talk some sense into her, but she has a solid reason behind getting rid of such an iconic piece - She's never used it and following the old rule of if it is still in your closet with the tags still on after a little while, she's trying to sell it.  Instead of going through an eBay, I told her that I'd try my luck with you fabulous people before she heads off to alternative sources to sell. 

I actually think this wallet is pretty versatile-you can use it as a clutch OR wallet and has a removable coin purse.  Not to mention it is an oh-so-fabulous color for Spring.  The wallet retails at $1525, but my dear friends is only looking for a mere $800.  (Yes you read that properly!) It's authentic and fabulous.  You know you want it.  If you are interested, leave a comment or email me (hautechildinthecitync@gmail.com). 

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