what I really want for mother's day


Mother's day is quickly approaching and every year, I feel as if I am never quite prepared for my own mother.  Can you imagine how my poor husband feels - between Christmas and June he has 6 anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays that he has to shop for all in rapid succession.  Good news for Scott is that he is an excellent gift giver, but even then we could all use some assistance.

1) Some rest & relaxation (and like 24 hours of straight, uninterrupted sleep)

A little unrealistic, probably.  But you should what also does the trick - a day at the spa.  If you are local, I love this one.  If you don't know where to send your lady, check out SpaFinder and let them do the work for you.  You can also get gift certificates.

In this piece, I shared how jewelry is meaningful to me.  Scott thoughtfully gave me this bracelet with the girls birthstone and one of these days, I'd like to add one that represents the girls' birthstone (even though they don't make emerald)

3) Greenery

I have a notorious black thumb, but I love a good fiddle leaf fig.  This year, I'd love a tall one to put in the corner of our living room.  If real plants aren't your thing, here's a great dupe.

Guys, I cannot understate the how much I love my Ember.  It's game-changing.  And totally worth it. 

5) Time with my family

As mothers, we are constantly with our families, it feels.  However, during that time, our minds are always churning.  Always thinking about the next step, always worried about something other than ourselves.  I would love a day where I can spend time with my family and to whatever extent possible, not plan, worry, do - just be.  Have a day planned for me, not worry about what's in my diaper bag (do I have enough food, wipes, etc.), not have to plan for dinner, cook dinner, clean up after dinner - you get it. But really, even if I have to do all of that, any opportunity to kiss those sweet cheeks, I'll take.

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