sequin kimono


Here's the thing, I get that not everyone is as comfortable with sequins as I am - particularly casual sequins. But this kimono..guys, it's so good. And hear me out on this - it's something that you can take from day (see above) to night (see later).  It fancies up the best boyfriend jeans & is so super comfortable.

[ kimono // top // jeans // kicks // baubles (here, here. here) // sunnies (under $40 & oh-so-cute) ]

If I can give you any advice about sequins during day is go for it.  If you are uncomfortable with it, pair it with something more casual (like jeans) & a pair of flats.  Go minimal on the jewelry - think more delicate pieces, studs or simple hoops.  I promise you won't go back.  Trust me, I'm a professional. 

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