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one thousand and ninety four


Dearest Peanut,

It has been exactly one thousand and ninety four days since you were born, which equates to nearly three years old.  Which might be the closest thing to insanity which has come out of my mouth in a while.  But then I look at you and in fact, yes, you are a walking, breathing, almost-three-year-old-going-on-thirty-year-old.

There are so many things that we find about you that are tremendous in very large and very small ways. You have such a sweet little spirit.  Combined with your imaginative nature, intelligence, and pechant for fun, you are the perfect little balance of a little person.  You are so busy these day - into anything and everything, exploring with your cautious curiosity.  We love re-discovering the world through your eyes and hearing your (very opinionated) perspective on how things are.   We feel so lucky and blessed to call you ours.  Everyday is such an adventure with you and we cannot wait to start this new year.  Words cannot express how much we love you and how proud we are of the little human you are.  So I'll leave it at this -

So happy third year, dearheart.  We love you so very much!

See Liam grow here, here, here, and here.

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