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I always say, want to learn about a product that you should be using, but are blissfully unaware of, go to Sephora.  Back in December during my weekend in Vegas, my girlfriend and I spent a cumulative of easily 4 hours in Sephora over the course of the weekend.  During that time, what became glaringly obvious to me was that I was ignoring a crucial item in my makeup routine - and that was my eyebrows.

Brows, to me at least, can be intimidating.  I mean, do you pluck, wax, fill in? And brows have really made a serious comeback over the past decade.  I remember the years when uber thin brows were the only way to go - which leads me to the situation that my brows are in today.  Years of plucking have left them sparse and a little uneven because if we are really being honest with ourselves, I wasn't exactly an eyebrow plucking pro in my college years.

Enter Anastasia Brow Wiz.  This handy tool is beloved by all, mostly because it's seriously fool proof to use.  The pencil is ultafine which allows it to mimic brow hair and it's smudge-proof, which means that not only does it look natural, but it stays! I had my doubts because, well, who had time to paint their eyebrows on every day, unless you have to, but I'm a convert for sure.  

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  1. Once this spending freeze ends, I need to get in there and peep this. I heard its fab.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  2. so cute! xxo


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