[6 weeks v 52 weeks]

Dear Peanut,

Today you are one.  It's astounding to look back and realize just how quickly this first year with you has passed.  I find myself looking at you while you are bopping around our home, often to the beat of your own drum, and wanting to press pause for a little while, take a breather and take it all in.  But you are much too active, adventurous, and curious for that - all attributes that I hope you keep as you continue to grow as a sweet little boy.

It's been a year full of firsts for our little family: first diaper changes, first colds, first laughs (oh how they make my heart melt), first teeth, first Christmas, first steps(ish).  And I'm eager to enter into this year of seconds with you.  What I find truly amazing is even though these are seconds, your joy for them hasn't diminished.  You are equally as astonished and delighted in the second, third (and sometimes fourth, fifth, and sixth) time around.  It's a skill that I want to bottle up and keep sprinkling on you as grow to not lose that innocence and wonderment.    

We have big plans for you today - lots of love and kisses and fun...and, of course, cake.  This first year has been amazing and I can't wait to see what the next holds!

We love you sweet boy - you are our everything!

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  1. awwww so cute! Wow that went fast! I guess it's true what they say...

  2. Aw cute post and your little one is so adorable!

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  3. wow how time flies!! what a little cutie he is!


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