Happy Friday + Link Love


The radio silence this week can be summed up by the above pics (which if you've follow me on Instagram, you've already seen).  I was traveling for work and so upped my game on office wear.  When you are in back-to-back, all day meetings for several days on end, fun clothing is what gets your through.

With that being said, fun links on the interwebs is always what gets you though and here are some of the things I'm loving this week.

- Loving this new song (and also the video)

- The story behind those hospital blankets which 99% of babies are wrapped in

- Though my biggest issue with Jimmy Fallon is his inability to make it through a skit without laughing, this had me giggling.

- Nordstrom's We Heart a Great Fit Event is today & tomorrow.  Not only does Nordstrom have a huge prosthesis program, but they also donate $2 of every bra sold during this event to the Young Survival Coalition.  

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend! Be back next week with oodles of goodness!

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  1. Loved seeing all your outfits!

    And it was definitely interesting reading about the hospital blankets...I never knew that!


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