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[Coat: Nordstrom/Top: Old Navy/Skirt: Loft/Shoes: Ann Taylor/Necklace: JCrew/Watch: Michael Kors/Bracelets: Kate Spade, Banana Republic, JCrew/Sunnies: Chanel]

As mentioned earlier, I love a good trench. This one in particular is a long time favorite - it's a Mac. Don't let the name confuse you; surprisingly, it's not a product by Apple.  The difference between a traditional trench and a Mac (or Mackintosh) is that Macs typically do not have an labels or belts.  The term Mac is actually from the developer of the fabric that traditional Macs are made out of, a rubberized waterproof fabric. Perfect for rainy days like this one...even though it was 80-something degrees and the humidity was horrific. (Seriously October, shape up or ship out!)

Shop Macs:

PS - This post happens to be my 500th post...500th.  How crazy is that?!

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  1. Great outfit. I love that skirt and the necklace is SO pretty!


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