Weekend in Pictures


Hubs was in St Louis this weekend for work so this weekend was really all about me.  It kept myself busy enough, but all-in-all, it was a very relaxing and laid back weekend.

Friday night I literally shoved myself into the Audi wearing a huge ball gown and set out to the CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) Raleigh Opening Gala.  I have to say that I was impressed with my ability to drive a stick, while in ball gown, and 5 inch heels.  The event was absolutely fabulous and I had a wonderful time catching up with some fantastic people.  More on the event later, but here's my view as driving downtown. Mental note to self: hire a driver next time.

Saturday, slightly bitter I was missing out on the Foxfield Races,  I initiated Phase 2 of my closet reorganization.  This included going to the Container Store (aka my mecca) to find a new home for my shoes.  I think I seriously under-estimated the amount of shoes that I actually own (and I even got rid of a bunch at my latest clean-out).  I may have to more seriously adhere to the one-in/one-out rule for shoes in the upcoming months.

Sunday was really all about me.  I spent the morning catching up on my fashion mags, drinking coffee, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

A lot of really fun posts coming up this week including the next: Bloggers Do it Better assignment, CAM Raleigh re-cap, and some beauty tips & tricks.  Happy Monday!

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