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White Out (and a little shimmer)


I am not one of those people who subscribe to normal fashion "rules".  I mix prints, wear black & brown together, and among other things, wear white anytime of the year.  A few years ago, fashion magazines started printing that your mother's rules of the season to wear white (between memorial and labor day) no longer applied.  As I had been disregarding this rule for quite some time at that point, I was just thrilled that people would stop giving me funny looks.

This Bloggers Do it Better Assignment was a bit daunting for me- an all white outfit.  I'd be lying if I said that for a nanosecond, I didn't consider wearing my wedding gown.  However, after further consideration, I  dove into my closet and came up with this.

[What I'm Wearing:
Banana Republic Martin Fit Pants, Express Sequin Top, h.i.p. top,  Vince Camuto Momas Corset Backed Pump, Michael Kors Watch]

Honestly, I wasn't so sure about this outfit at first, but after looking at the pictures, I really like the contrast between the sequin top the shirt over it.  I think it adds some great texture and makes it interesting.

These shoes are my all time favorite at the moment.  In fact, I own the same pair in two different colors: grey suede and blush.  (Yes, I am that girl and for those of you who know me well, it's no surprise.)  Despite their 5 inch heel and platform pump, they are incredibly comfortable.  Vince Camuto makes a fabulous shoe; I highly recommend checking his designs out.

And one for the road of us.

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  1. Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, love it!
    Did you see my white on white too?
    Love yours!

  2. Ohhhh the gold top under the sheer one...Very cute, hadn't thought of that. AND THOSE SHOES! GulP. Love!

    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there! http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2011/05/white-out-change-it-up-outfits-modeled-by-women-over-45/
    The Chief Blonde

  3. Hi! Your White Out outfit looks great! The gold tank top adds just the right tough of sparkle. I have been eyeing tops like that for a while now. You may have inspired me to go look again. Also, your shoes are fantastic! I love Vince Camuto too! I have those shoes in the blue suede. I think that blush color looks gorgeous. :)


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