Blog Re-Design


Surprisingly, I'm not the most technologically savvy person and I'm incredibly indecisive about random things (like blog design),; so when I tasked Hubs with working on a banner for the blog, I think he groaned a little.  However, being always up for a challenge, he agreed to assist (or manage, really).  It took a TON of patience (and forcing me into our study when I had taken a heavy dose to Nyquil to battle this cold I've been fighting to hammer out some details), but he and his brilliant/creative mind was able to come up with something that that I adore!  I'm pretty stoked about it and while I suspect I'll be doing a few more tweaks to the blog in the upcoming weeks, I wanted to get it up right away.

Thanks babe!

Now that I'm back on the upswing from this aforementioned wretched cold, I have some fun things coming up this week! Get excited-I am!

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