spring fever


Did you miss me last week? I'd like to say that I was doing something awesome, but really we were in survival mode over here.  Also, it snowed last week and then ended the week at 70 degrees.  (Thanks North Carolina) I think everyone is collectively holding their breath for a break - a break in the weather, a break in school or work.  And this year, thanks to Scott's planning, we are headed out of town to the beach for a portion of Liam's Spring Break.  It'll be a much needed change of scenery (note: NOT a vacation as all children will be with us) and some great time spent as a family.  I've been working on building my collective outfit bench for this holiday.  I'll be styling them over the next few weeks for you, but thought you'd like to get a jump on buying as there are some FANTASTIC sales right now.  (Also, check out my luggage here)

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