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Truthfully, I was on the fence as to whether or not to have a shower this go-round.  The first go-round with Liam was wonderful but I felt like maybe another shower would be a little silly given we've 'been-there-done-that'.  However, my mother offered to throw us a little sprinkle and I couldn't be more happy that we did.  I love any reason for a celebration and it was so lovely to mingle with friends and get to shower these little twinkles with some love.

We held the event at a space that is a favorite of ours, a french bakery in Charlotte.  It has a great event space, is beautifully decorated and has the BEST desserts.  We decided to have it mid-afternoon on a Saturday and make it more informal: no present opening, no games - just a laid-back opportunity to mingle and eat some good food.  To help with the flow of the time, we also had a couple non-mandatory activities: a DIY floral crown bar and a photo booth with props.  To accentuate the space, we went heavy on the florals as a theme (if you could call it that) which fit in nicely with the DIY floral crown bar.

I am obsessed with books and so for a guest book, I found a gorgeous and colorful book on Paris for people to leave little notes for our girls. 

As a thank you for those who attended, we passed out champagne and some scrumptious goodies from both godiva and some made by a dear friend in attendance.

As a throw-back, we threw a polariod option for the photobooth.  If you don't have one these cameras yet, I'd highly recommend getting one.  They are so much fun both at parties and for general merriment.  I nabbed some fun pinwheels to add to the backdrop and affixed them to a screen that the space happened to have on hand.

Overall, it was the perfect event.  A little bit a lovely, a lot of great food, and filled with lots of love & support.  I rarely regret a get-together and these days it is so easy to pass with how crazy everyone's schedules are.  And I owe my mother a special thanks for throwing the shower for me - she really is fantastic and I am so thankful to have her.

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