this is 31 weeks


Happy Friday party people! Can you believe it's the end of March already? I certainly cannot, particularly since April marks what is likely the last month of this pregnancy. Yeah, crazy, I know.  I can appreciate that this week has been a little focused on pregnancy around here, next week, I promise less pregnancy. In the meantime, you aren't getting off of the hook that easily, I thought I'd give you guys a week 31 update.

How's it going?

It's actually going really well.  We had a bit of a situation last week where I was admitted to the hospital and prepared to deliver these ladies via c-section last Friday (week 30 for those of you keeping track).  It ended up being a psych-your-mind kinda moment but did result in the need for increased surveillance.  Ultimately, we are all OK which is the best take home. Everyone is healthy and thriving; my check-ups this week have been very promising.  I feel great (outside of the whole lack of sleep thing) and they are as active as ever.

So why aren't you on bed rest?

Interestingly enough, it is rare that they put women on bed rest anymore.  Particularly because what they are monitoring on me is not due to my body or anything that is emergent.  Also, my doc had shared with me in the past that putting a woman on bed rest in most situations doesn't actually do much to significantly prolong the pregnancy.  I'm sure this is totally subject to everyone's own situation and even doctor preference, but ultimately, I do not think (at least at this point) that they'll put me on bed rest.  However, after last Wednesday (and in life generally), I've learned to never say never.

What's next?

I am being monitored twice a week, which is actually incredibly nice. It's nice to check in on the ladies more frequently.  Both ladies are stubbornly breech (which Liam was until I did acupuncture) so they've requested I've scheduled a c-section at 36 weeks (week of 08 May).  Which, I might add, is one of the more bizarre things that I've done.  I don't think that I'll do acupuncture this go-round.  I feel like with two, it might be a little more difficult and quite honestly I've always thought that we'd be doing this go-round via c-section anyway.  Far be it from my girls to be cooperative when it comes to birthing positions.

How are the ladies?

They are actually really fantastic.  They are super active (particularly when I am trying to sleep) and weighing in at about 3.5 lbs each (right on track). A little feisty; one actually kicked back at the ultrasound specialist the other day - so there's that.

How are you?

I'm still reeling a bit from the whiplash, but overall, surprisingly OK.  Last Wednesday was a bit of an emotional day, but what it reinforced in me is what outstanding support and love we have in our tribe.  Seriously, from phone calls, to texts, to follow-up, it was like our own little army was deployed both locally and from afar.  It's amazing and humbling all at the same time.  It also reinforced the decision we had made in healthcare.  Even with the snafu, we have THE best care available.  It also helped me realize even more than ever that being an advocate for yourself is so incredibly important, particularly in these situations.

Are you guys ready?

I'm a big believer that you are never ready for a baby.  The good news about our false alarm is that it really kicked us into high gear. We were able to identify the holes in our plans for Liam, as well as figure out what on earth we still needed.  We were able to kick the nursery into high gear, take some impromptu family maternity pictures, and frantically order things from Amazon which we otherwise didn't have (you know, necessary things like a second car seat).  It also allowed us to actually have our sprinkle - which was lovely and wonderful and perfect.

Thanks as always for your outpouring of support and love! You guys are truly the best.

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  1. I'm loving the pregnancy posts, so don't apologize for that! I'm SO glad everything is ok with you and those sweet girls. Take it easy, my friend! Can't wait to see those sweet girls!


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