go big or go ruffles


[top // pants (non-maternity) // kicks (older, but I adore these) // baubles (here, here, & here) // purse // sunnies]

My general mantra in life is go big or go home.  So when the top that I had been eyeing was on super sale (we are talking $35 people) and I had a slight concern about the ruffles with my growing bump, I decided that it was a solid pick, even for afterwards as the ruffles can provide some strategic camouflaging.  This bump is a solid 19 weeks these days and the sizing on this top is a little large (I'm wearing a small for reference).  Other than that, week 19 was off to a snowy/icy start which gave us further excuse to bundle up inside over the weekend.  Generally, I'm feeling pretty solid these days.  I did make the critical judgement error in hooking up my FitBit I received for Christmas.  FitBit doesn't account for pregnancy, but it does give me further confirmation that my sleep is completely out of whack (as if I needed a piece of technology to tell me that), but in any event, my next quest is for a better bracelet to wear with it.  Let me know if you have any recommendations! Also, not shown in this picture: my almost-five-year-old incessantly throwing snowballs at me and the freezing temps that Charlotte experienced over the past weekend. What.on.earth?! Where is Spring?!

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