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I almost didn't do a run down of the globes from last night.  I still adore it, but it just wasn't really on my radar like it has been in the past years.  Far be it from me to steer away from tradition, I simply couldn't pass up after I watched the show and saw all of the goodness.  So without further ado, here are my golden goals.

I am very much a star-print fan so perhaps I'm a bit biased, but I thought Emma's dress knocked it out of the park.  Just enough sparkle, great neckline, simple, but enough oompf.

I don't need to tell you why Blake & Ryan or Chrissy & John are couple goals.  I'd also put Chrissy in the #peplumgoals category.  I'm a sucker for a good peplum.

I mean, seriously. Not only did she knock it out of the park, but I love the rings.

This is for all the women, women of color, and colorful people. Whose stories, ideas, thoughts are not always considered worthy and valid and important. But I want you to know that I see you; we see you. It is an honor to be on this show, Black-ish. To continue expanding the way we are seen and known. And to show the magic and the beauty and the sameness of a story and stories that are outside of where the industry usually looks.

I don't think that this picture does her look justice, but I adored Drew's beauty last night.

Comeon KBell.  You rocked this look.  I don't know how much double-sided tape was needed, but it was well worth it.

I'm looking forward to reading her book, but I think it's safe to say that no one is asking Anna to buy her own pieces for red carpet appearances anymore. 

I love Busy & Michelle's friendship.  I'd totally take my bestie to a red carpet event as my date (sorry honey!)

My my Mandy Moore.  How far you've come and how much are you rocking it!

Other moments you might want to catch:

+ Speaking of Gosling, did you catch the PDA between Ryan Reynolds & Andrew Garfield after Reynolds lost to Gosling?

all images via People.com

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