life according to my iPhone


[last swim day of the summer]

Here's the problem, life has been a little hectic.  I know this isn't a new or different feeling for many of you, nor is it for me; however, because I've been so pre-occupied with what's going on currently, I haven't had time to plan or be proactive.  This leaves my type A self a little off-kilter, a little stressed, and a little off my game - hence the lack of posts.  Over the past 4 weeks, we've taken work trips (several times), taken Liam to his first Virginia Tech game, celebrated Scott's birthday at the Battle for Bristol, went to NYC, had 3 house guests (including two of my closest friends on two separate occasions)....well, you get my drift.  I thought I'd like my iPhone do the talking for me.

[first hokie football game for Liam]

[celebrating this guy's birthday at the Battle at Bristol]
shop my look: dress (on sale!) // bralette

[gooooo hokies!]

[after bristol, we drove to asheville to spend the day & visited sierra nevada]

[another selfie]

[chewbacca cake blues by coco]

[the infamous blacktap sweet 'n' salty milkshake, totally worth the calories & subsequent diabetic coma]


[after play drinks at ace hotel]
shop my look: jacket // dress // kicks

[one of of favorite spots in manhattan]

[another favorite spot in manhattan]

[dinner date with two of my favorite ladies]

Thanks for your patience! I'll be back at it soon, promise!

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