why you should care about the JCrew NYFW presentation


Look, I get it, I pimp out JCrew A LOT.  It's my go-to in terms of easy, chic, classic looks at a (sometimes) decent price point which will last you several seasons (I currently have tops which I still wear from 5 years ago.  seriously). And though I know that New York Fashion Week (NYFW) isn't everyone's cup of tea or even on some's radar, JCrew did something pretty spectacular with their presentation and it's important.  Here's why.

Since time began, it seems, runways, magazines, ads, & commercials by-in-large have been dominated by waif-ish, like models.  Women who are absolutely stunning, but might not be representative of the general population.  It's been a long-standing topic of conversation and one that designers have been working(ish) to address.  The progress has been slow-going and hard to pinpoint.  However, this year, instead of the typical models, JCrew did something different.

It's really wonderful to first see a brand who first gets the importance of not only who is wearing their clothes, but how their consumers are wearing their clothes and to incorporate that into their presentation.  It makes it more relevant to everyone.  Clothes for all, as it were. And though, the use of real diverse people (and granted they are still beautiful people to be sure) in a presentation like this is a step, perhaps albeit small, in the right direction.

what to shop from jcrew now:

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