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What I'm Loving Lately


Rompers: I am totally loving rompers right now, especially this one Julia is rocking.  The bows, the color, the proportions - it all just works.

Girl Most Likely: Kristin Wigg, Darren Criss...I mean, really?! I can't wait!

Moscow mules: the perfect summer drink, especially in these mugs.

Baseball caps: I don't think that I look particularly great in baseball hats, but boy do I love 'em.

Lace: Lace is continuing to trend in a big way and Blair Eadie always knocks it outta the park, but this lace number...wow. <speechless>

What's on your radar this July?

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  1. That movie looks hilarious! Kristen Wigg is so funny.

  2. I love Kristen Wigg, so natural I'm anxiously awaiting the release too.

  3. I have been loving rompers so much lately. Right now my things on my radar include tons of printed clothes, lime shaved ice, and farmers markets.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  4. How have I not heard about this Kristen Wigg movie yet?? I need to check into it. Also, that lace dress really is gorgeous!! Wowww!!


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