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There are certain things that I believe in. Most importantly is you get what you pay for.  This adage applies to a lot of things, but really it mostly applies to shoes, purses, and bikini waxes.  And boy do I invest in shoes.  Along with that investment comes the need to maintain.  I typically bring my shoes in for a tune-up pretty regularly and proportional to the amount of wear that they are subject to.  The best advice I can give anyone is invest in a good cobbler.  Not a shoe repair place, but a bonafide cobbler.  Even for less expensive shoes, they can do wonders.

When I received my Louboutins, I was worried about their upkeep.  I had heard a lot about the red soles wearing away and the various ways that you could protect against this.  However, I was so eager to wear them that I neglected to do anything.  And as I wore and wore them, the wear and tear of my long days in heels started to show.  Thankfully, Raleigh has Santana Creative.  One of two officially licensed cobblers who can work on Louboutins.  Yes, in Raleigh.  It's a little crazy that they are located there, but who am I to guess the shoe gods? (And no need to worry for those of you who aren't located close by, they will receive shoes via shipment for repair).

I took my pair of Loubies in and I am so thrilled with the result.  They replaced ball of the shoe with the official red shoe grip which will reduce sole wear and also maintain those famous red soles.  They also completed replaced the heel leather (which I had ripped) and placed toe taps underneath the sole guard to reduce tip wear.

My tips for good shoe care: first, find yourself a cobbler - not a shoe repair guy, an honest to goodness tradesman (the shoe department at Nordstrom typically has great recommendations); secondly, proactively have toe taps, heels guards, sole guards placed on your shoes - they'll wear better and you don't have to worry about reconstruction once you've damaged them; and thirdly, when you invest in a great pair of shoes (regardless of the price point) invest in their maintenance - if you love the shoes, you'll end up wanting to wear them for much longer and more often than they can typically withstand.  

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  1. Oh how I long for a pair of these shoes!! I agree, though. Invest in great shoes!!

  2. That is fantastic advice...will definitely keep that in mind for all my expensive shoes!!!!

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  3. So glad I just found this post whilst reading back through your blog! I just got a pair of CL's and I'm so worried about damaging them when I wear them! I just need to find a good place to take them, I want to get the red sole grip put on mine!


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