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Fall Transitions


[top:  jcrew // pants: gap // belt: jcrew factory // kicks: jcrew // purse: brahmin (Spring '12) // baubles: michael kors, jcrew]

If you are anything like me, when you first received that notice from your favorite store via email announcing their new Fall 2013 arrivals, you rolled your eyes.  ESPECIALLY if you live in the South (like me) and it's about 900 degrees + 100% humidity on any given day.  But retailors, they weren't born yesterday.  The items they are shipping to stores now are great transitional pieces, light-weight enough that you could actually wear them today, but could still be rocked when the leaves change color and the temperatures drop. 

Take this new top of JCrew (I couldn't even find it on the website yet, although it showed up in my local store on Friday).  Chambray is a great fabric because it's light, it's versatile, and it covers all seasons.  The snazzy rhinestones aren't so much that they make the top seem heavy.  All around it's a great piece.  Right now, you could wear it with white jeans, black pants, skirts, shorts - practically anything. And later this fall, you could still wear it without anything overtop or throw a blazer or cardi over it to keep yourself warm.

Over the next few months I'll be dropping in some Fall-Must-Haves this season to get you and your closets ready for the upcoming season.  What's the saying? 'If you are early, you are on time and if you are on time then you are late'? - well consider this being early for the season...or something like that.

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