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* #unplug update: Many of you read here, that I was going to take a hiatus from social media over the weekend.  My goals of being completely devoid of technology actually failed (I had an epic phone malfunction involving my beloved iPhone and rather unfortunate meeting with the pavement), but all-in-all, the trial run of no social media and limited phone/technology in general was a success.  And I have to say, oddly refreshing.  Although for the first 12 hours, I thought I might break, after that, I was able to catch on my reading (if you haven't already David Sedaris' new book, it is a must), actually have conversations with people without feeling the need to tweet/facebook/instagram some aspect of it (#seriously); and overall just enjoyed my weekend.  So much so that I'm actually contemplating taking a foreal hiatus around Christmas.  As in completely unplug my entire vacation: no blogging, no social media, no email, zip. Maybe I'm just feeling smug in my ability to withstand an entire weekend and this is just crazy talk, but maybe around the holidays I'll stick to my guns and actually do it.  Who's with me?!

* #liamlovebug update: Peanut started his new daycare yesterday.  My mamma heart was nervous (what if he didn't make any friends? what if he was nervous?, what if he missed me?, etc. etc.), but that little boy of ours is such a kind-hearted, loving kid.  And my worries were calmed when he didn't even bat an eye when I told him good-bye in the morning and when he was thick as thieves with those little munchkins when I picked him up, proudly waving good-bye to his new little crew. That little boy of ours, he's something special.

* #moving update: 'Officially' being in the QC for our third week, I can definitively say that I hate home-buying, but not as much as I loathe home-selling.  It's stressful, annoying, and all around just frustrating.  And I use 'officially' in quotations because I was back in RTP all last week for work and we technically don't have a permanent address here. If you are looking for me, I'll be in purgatory for the remainder of the month. On the plus side, I'm already scheming on potential moving announcements.

What's going on in your world?

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