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Tippi Point


[Sweater, Shirt, Belt, Bracelet: JCrew/Skirt: Banana Republic/Necklace: F21/Purse: Kate Spade/Sunnies: Chanel/Shoes: Louboutin]

I'm not going to lie - I'm kinda in love with the Tippi heart sweater from JCrew.  So in love that I might even have it in two different colors.  (Hi, my name is Chelsea and I have a heart-sweater problem.) In an effort to transition it into Fall and into the workplace, I gussied it up a bit. Overall it was a win...even if it's not quite cool enough in NC to warrant a layered sweater look.

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  1. Well after seeing that cute sweater in your pics, I think I may have a heart sweater problem in a few colors too! Lol!

  2. Really love how you styled the sweater...and that bag...amazing!


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