Friday Eye Candy: SchoolBoy


Clearly I am ready for the fall! The wool schoolboy blazer currently available at JCrew is just perfect.  I love the cut of this jacket.  If the brightness of this one is too much for you, you should absolutely pick up the camel color.  Trust me when I tell you that this is the must-have jacket and color (in camel) for the Fall.  It's the perfect addition to any closet.  And the contrast collar?! Ohmy. I'm planning a nice chambray shirt, camel color jacket, a nice big necklace, and red lips.  Perfectly preppy.

Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I tried it on the last time I went to the States (we only have a J Crew in Toronto in Canada) and it looked really nice on! They have a nice red one at the outlet I was visiting.

    Can't wait to have a J Crew in Montreal...

  2. I agree! I've been eyeing this blazer for a while in navy but haven't tried it on yet. I don't have a camel colored blazer... maybe I'll make a switch?!



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