Closing Time


I have to say that I was far more impressed with the closing ceremony of the Olympics than the opening ceremony. And despite Russell Brand's slaughtering of The Beatles classic, 'I am the Walrus', I really loved the music acts as well as the sense of unity that the closing ceremonies seemed to exude. It might have had something to do with the fact that The Spice Girls performed, a fact that I should be shameful in being so gleeful about but I don't care! (Fun and/or depressing factoid of the day: Swimming phenom Missy Franklin had not even been born yet when The Spice Girls made their debut).

The end of the summer games is bittersweet; it's been a wonderful 2 weeks full of USA pride and beautiful, inspiring stories. And now...on to Shark Week!!

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  1. I preferred the closing ceremony as well :)

  2. I missed the closing ceremony but I have it taped- can't wait to see the Spice Girls' performance!! I was their biggest fan back in the day! haha


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