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Building a jewelry collection can be tricky & time consuming business.  I've been building my own collection for over a decade and it's filled with everything from Chanel to items that I've picked up at Forever 21.  When I talk to anyone about building a jewelry collection, I tell them to focus on finding their favorite items.  If you love stacking bracelets, focus on that for awhile. Search for items everywhere, from flea markets to malls to your mother's jewelry box.

My jewelry storage right now is, well, kinda a cluster.  I have some drawers with dividers that separate out colors, as well as have my favorite pieces/most frequently worn pieces more readily accessible.  It's a work in progress to say the very least.

[Jewelry Storage on any given day]

[Silver Favorites: Michael Kors Watch, JCrew Martha Bracelet, Tiffany & Co Bracelets, David Yurman ring, Chanel crystal earrings]

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  1. i can't wait to get our own place, i plan on setting up the cutest jewelry section in our future room/closet.

  2. You have some really beautiful pieces! I have a jewelry box and then I use a top drawer of a dresser to organize stuff I wear a lot. I bought acrylic dividers from target and they work great.


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