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I'm a lucky girl.  Not only do I have an amazing father of my own, one who has always been there for me despite my crappy teenage years and ridiculousness in general, but I also have an amazing husband who has taken to fatherhood like a fish does to water.  It's truly inspiring, touching, and wonderful to see Hubs with Peanut.  The love that they share lights up my life.  So today, on father's day, take the time to love the men in your life.  Tell them how much you appreciate them.


Happy Father's Day to my father and husband!! You both are amazing and I am so lucky, thankful, grateful to have you both in my life.  (And Peanut agrees!)

And Dad, righteous mustache.

Today is also my Bestie's birthday - Happy Birthday Laur! I hope you day (and year) is absolutely fabulous! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you!

[glance productions]

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  1. such precious pics of the hubs and peanut! great photography!


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