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BDIB: Sequin, Sparkle, and Shine


[Asos Sequin Chevron Print Dress/JCrew Sequin Sweatshirt/Express Sequin Tank/Karen Kane Skirt/Express Ombre Sequin Tank/United Colors Sequin Skirt/JCrew Wynter Stripe Sequin Sweater]

I feel like I say this about every BDIB Challenge, but I was beyond stoked when Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly announced the next challenge as sequins.  Mostly because I subscribe to the mentality that sequins are a closet staple rather than a flourish to wear only on special occasions.  To that end, I have SO many sequin choices in my closet, it was difficult to choose. Difficult, but not impossible.

[Express Sequin Top/JCrew Schoolboy Blazer/Gap Maternity Leggings/Kate Spade Idiom Bracelet/Michael Kors Watch/Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings]

Given my current state (e.g., 36 weeks pregnant and retaining water) I choose to style the looks as simple as possible: sequin top, blazer, leggings (yes, as pants), and that's about it.  Mostly because none of my shoes fit me, but also because the less attention I can draw to my disco ball (as Hubs affectionately calls it), the better.  I also love playing with different textures and the sequins with the velvet is just enough to satisfy my outfit needs.

I have a firm belief that every woman should own at least one sequin piece for the closet (at a minimum one killer cocktail dress) to bring out for that special occasion or say, a slow Wednesday or a sequin emergency.  Also, since I wasn't able to play more with my look, I wanted to share some of my fave sequin looks over the years.  As you can see, I don't discriminate over the appropriate event to wear sequins...every event is the perfect event.  Enjoy!!

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