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Holiday Florals


Truth: There is nothing better in my mind than a good peony.  I'm downright obsessed with these confections.  I've always been drawn to them which is why they were my wedding flower and I purchase them every time I see them in the store.  So this holiday season when I was looking for a floral arrangement to bring to my mother for the holidays, I went straight to my go-to.  Unfortunately I was unable to execute what I was exactly looking for; however, I was able (with the assistance of Whole Foods) to execute something that I was pretty stoked about the end result.  

I love the idea of an unconventional flower for the holidays. And the wonderful think about peonies is that they only get more beautiful as they continue to open.  By the time we left my parents house, they were absolutely stunning.  While I love the holiday tried and true (amaryllis and paper whites), I think this arrangement was absolutely perfect!

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  1. Peonies are my favorite flower too. They are so delicate and girly. That is such a pretty arrangement and it's very festive too. love it.


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