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Best of 2011


2011 was quite a year for us: lots of travel (LA, Germany (twice), Chicago, Vegas, Jordan); we're expecting our first and all of the craziness that goes along with that -and that was just personally.  With the year coming to a close, I simply couldn't resist running down the best of the year from a fashion, beauty, and pop culture perspective.

Best Fashion Trends:
Colored Denim hit the fashion scene in a veritable rainbow of colors.  I adore this trend; it's super fun, young, and adds a great twist to classic denim.

Sparkle: Sequins and glitter have appeared in everything from dresses, to shoes, to accessories this year.  For me, I don't think it gets any better that a fully sequined dress, but then again, I consider sequins a closet staple.

Minis: Who doesn't like to show a little leg? I loved that hemlines went shorter this year.

Leopard  has been one of those prints that has come and gone year after year, but this year, it came back in full force.  Retailers and designers have designed a variety of pieces in this (what I think is) a timeless print.  Some of my faves are from JCrew, but there are plenty more out there.

Arm Candy I have been a huge fan of layer multiple bracelets with watches.  I just adore the look and this year, it was all about the arm candy. 

Designers for Less: More and more high end designers are collaborating with retailers to provide lines that are more accessible to the masses.  Whether or not you agree with this approach, it has definitely been effective.  Missoni for Target shut down the Target website and caused lines outside of Targets the day it was released.


Pregnancy, it's the new black. (Think about it) It must be in the water, but nearly everyone seems to be with child these days.  And (luckily for me) this has caused a higher interest and need for maternity fashion.  (Something that has been practically non-existant for quite some time.)

Best Brands:

JCrew: This brand has been one of my favorites year after year, but this year they really knocked it out of the park every season further proving their staying power.

Kate Spade: Kate Spade dubbed 2011 the year of color and with that a brilliant collection was born.  They have solidified their place as a classic lifestyle brand from their gorgeous designs to their fun accessories and home items.  

Tory Burch: Though Tory Burch is a younger brand, this smart-minded, stylish business woman has propelled her company into the forefront of fashion.  Best known for their classic ballet flats, the rest of her collection is at a great price point, classic, timeless, but with a modern edge.  Not only that but her company is woman-focused and is incredibly forward thinking.

Best Beauty:

Cat Eye Make-up: Love the retro-look that made a comeback this year.

Glitter Nails: Albeit, annoying ridiculously hard to remove from your nails, I love the trend of adding some sparkle to your mani.  From polishes by Deborahh Lippmann to OPI, and even using Martha Stewart Glitter as a top coat, I think this trend is definitely here to stay for a while.

Fishtail Braids: I love this take on the classic braid.  It's much better for those with hair styles that have layers and is uber easy to execute.  Instant upgrade to your hair style.

Feather Hair Extensions:  I think this was a pretty short-lived trend, but none-the-less, I loved the different addition to the typical extensions that everyone is so used to.

Best Fashionistas of 2011:

Blake Lively

Emma Stone

The Middleton Sisters

Best Music:


Florence + the Machine

JayZ & Kanye

Best Movie:


Best Workout:

Ballet Bar: With the sweeping success of Black Swan and the coveted bodies that Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis sported afterwards, a fitness movement was born.  Or rather, jumped on.  This has been a tried and true workout for many for years and years.  I'm just happy that it's come to the forefront.

Best Guilty Pleasure: 

Pretty Little Liars: Sure I'm a grown woman expecting my first child, but who's to say that I can't enjoy a silly tween drama on ABC Family. And the fashion is really fanstasic.

Best Leading Man: 

Ryan Gosling: This was Ryan's year.  He played everything from a nameless driver to a politico to a total heart throb.  I find him truly endearing and adorable hot.

Best Comeback:

Britney Spears: Let's be honest here: Brit has had a rough few years.  This year, she released Femme Fatale, seemingly got her life back in order, launched a successful global tour, and got engaged.  Kudos to Britney for being a true comeback kid.  Everyone loves a comeback!

Biggest Farewell:

Steve Jobs:  Say what you want about the man, but his brilliance in the business world and as an innovator speaks for itself.  His death definitely was a loss, not only to Apple, but to the world.  

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  1. Love this post! Glitter nails and fishtail braids are my favorite.


  2. you hit it right on the nose!! i agree 100% with all your top hits!

  3. Great post lady! Love it!


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