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Guest Post from Feather Factor


Meet Katherine from Feather Factor.  Katherine has a designer collection that I might consider giving up a first born for (figuratively rather than literally, of course)!  She has incredible taste and has fantastic outfits to look at for inspiration.  Not only that, but she is a newlywed (Congratulations!!).  Her pictures that she's shared so far are gorgeous.  I cannot wait to see more.

Hello! My name is Katherine and I live in California. I love fashion, travel, reading, TV and technology. I started this blog for a school project but then discovered that I really enjoyed it...and the response has been amazing! I am also lucky enough to know some very stylish women and have adored doing my interview series.

1. Congratulations on your recent nuptials! I have loved the pictures you’ve shared so far. Since I’m unnaturally obsessed with weddings, can you elaborate a little bit on the theme and inspiration behind the day, d├ęcor, and dress?

It is the year of the rabbit for chinese new year - and my father is a rabbit as well! So I wanted to incorporate that into the theme - as for the rest we were just going for a more modern theme that wasn't too fussy. My planner handled a lot of the overall event design as well since if you left it all up to me it'd look like a hodge podge of various Style Me Pretty themes threw up all in one wedding. My dress was Vera Wang and I'll share more photos when I get the official photos back.


2. You have a closet that would make many women green with envy. Tell us a little about your designer items, what some of your favorites are, when you started, and any recommendations you’d have for someone trying to get their hands on, say, a Birkin!
Aww that is so sweet of you to say! My favorite items I think are my bags and also my cocktail dresses (even though I never ever get to wear them!) I just love pretty things. I started liking designer goods pretty young but made a lot of mistakes.

For somebody trying to get a Birkin - I'd say if that's all you want, try Paris. They have the most inventory and are the most "welcoming" to new customers. If you love Hermes, get to know the brand and build a relationship with the store and an SA there. They have beautiful items and a wonderful heritage.

3. What is your must-have beauty product?
Hmm - any kind of cream blush and Clinique Superdefense! Use SPF everybody!

4. What is your must-have for any wardrobe this Fall?
An amazing jacket and beautiful cashmere wraps.

5. Anything that you are currently lusting over?
Yeah - the above! More beautiful cashmere, I love scarves and wear them all year round. They are so versatile.

6. I’m in love with San Fran! Give me the skinny on your city! Fave places to shop, dine, etc.
Aww, I'm so glad you love SF! Please come and visit :) Favorite places to shop are Barney's, Neiman Marcus, Zara, Aritzia. Dining - I love the Slanted Door/Out the Door chain of restaurants, Gary Danko for higher scale, high tea at Rotunda, brunch at Mama's - the list goes on and on! Oh and fabulous Asian food in the South Bay - including the BEST ramen in the US, along with New York! Ramen lovers, come visit the Bay Area!

7. What are three things you couldn’t live without? (This could be people, items, etc.)
Okay this is going to sound really cheesy. But my husband (of course) and my mom and dad! I love my fam!

Thanks again Katherine!! Don't forget to check out her blog, follow her on Twitter, and Like Feather Factor on Facebook.

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