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I happened to stumble upon a blog titled Pretty Shiny Sparkly and frankly was amazed that I hadn't found it sooner.  (As Hubs said the title describes all three things that I love the most!)  Kristina is the blogger behind Pretty Shiny Sparkly and she launched a campaign called "Bloggers Do it Better", which real fashion bloggers are tasked with interpreting and showcasing specific trends in real life, then sharing them with the masses.

I have to be honest, Anthropologie made the assignment of color-blocking a piece of cake for me.  I have been dying to wear the Parading Hues dress since I bought it as a contender for my Barbie Birthday Party earlier this month.

[What I'm wearing: Anthropologie Parading Hues Dress, Steve Madden Fantastik wedges, Lilly Pulitzer cuff bracelet, Michael Kors watch, and bow necklace from Francesca's Collection]

[The details on this dress are to-die-for]

Color-blocking can be a little scary for some people.  Many are afraid of bright colors in clothing and aren't sure or confident about how the end product will turn out.  Please don't be scared of color, but if it's something that you aren't entirely comfortable with take baby steps.  I would recommend purchasing a dress that already does the color-blocking for you if you aren't so sure.  Most of the time designers know what they are doing and putting it together in one succinct outfit really takes the guess work out of life.  Color-blocking doesn't always have to be bright or loud colors (although, in my humble opinion, the brighter colors made the trend more fun); it can be two classic colors like black and white with a splash of a bright color or even black, white, and gray.  

Special thanks to Hubs for being my photog for this post.  You know your husband is a good man when he actively participates in your blogging about fashion. 

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  1. you guys crack me up! love this dress! xoxo

  2. Love the dress so much, definitely so perfect for the colour blocking challenge.

  3. Scary or not, you color blocked well!

    Please visit me here and see how a 49 year old does Color Blocking! http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2011/04/color-blocking-two-ways-outfits-modeled-by-women-over-45/
    The Chief Blonde!

  4. This is a most fun dress! I love it! The bow in the back is great! My hubs will take photos for me too! It is great to have a supportive man!!

  5. oh my do I love this dress! so cute and fun! The colors look amazing together. I love it! You look beautiful...


  6. Supercute dress! love the color combination!


  7. I love the three colors together and the skirt is especially pretty! I was one of the people who found the challenge a little scary, but it was fantastic to try something new! =)

    star-crossed smile

  8. love your bright coloured outfit!


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